My Many Beds

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Sleeping was one of my favorite pastimes. Georgette and Ray called my first bed my "pouch." It was next to their bed at the beach cottage, and it was actually a cat bed since that was the only size bed they could find back then that fit me. I also had my own stuffed ducky and stegasuarus, though at the time I had no idea what those things were supposed to be:

For awhile my pouch served as my nightime bed at the new house too, until Georgette and Ray found me an actual dog bed that was my size. Ray regrets now that seeing me in my regulation dog bed every morning and night became so second nature to him that he neglected to ever take a picture of it. But here I am still sleeping in my pouch:


Georgette and Ray provided me various beds around the house, like this one in the kitchen:


Here I m in the office:


My fleece cushion in frtont of the fireplace, one of my favorite spots in the winter:


Later one of my beds was moved to the hearth:



Sometimes I used the sofa as a bed:


Or just a pillow, which Ray often moved around to keep me in the sun:


Two pillows were even better:


Crawling iinside a pillow case was always fun too:


My tongue sometimes stuck out when I slept since some of my lower front teeth were missing:


Even half asleep:


But other times my tongue stayed right where it belonged:










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