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Soon after I moved into the beach house, Ray decided my Germanic heritage required him to dress me up like Brünnhilde. So he made me a spear out of wood and a helmet out of a dust mask, some braided nylon rope, and wooden horns. Then he got out his old-fashioned film camera. I couldn't understand what all the laughing was about:


When we moved to the new house, Ray got himself a new digital camera and a Photoshop program for his computer. Ray said Photoshop made things a lot easier. I found the process less troublesome too:



Some Other Messes Ray Photoshopped Me Into

When Georgette got a new Prius:


When Georgette was away in Paris:


When Georgette got a new scarf for Christmas:


Mother's Day 2009:


Christmas 2001

Actually, this one was done the old-fashioned way, with pencils and paper:


Photographing with Photoshop:











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